We live in a culture that is deeply confused about life, and yet the fundamental questions about life that pervade the heart remain the same: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? What is happiness? What is authentic love? The answers to these questions remain the same. The answer is truth – and truth is a person: Jesus Christ.

The Respect Life Denver of Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Denver is here to help. We offer, free of charge, a range of age-appropriate presentations, described at the links below. Please feel free to contact our office regarding other topics which may be available for your particular needs.

In each of these presentations, we deliver messages of medical, ethical, and theological truths about the dignity of the human person, which includes our bodies, the culture, life, love, and relationships. All of our presentations encourage participants to rise up and embrace the beauty and freedom of God’s plan for their lives, and to be joyful witnesses of the authentic happiness that comes from embracing the wonderful adventure of the truth in the “Gospel of Life.”

Listed below are our most popular presentations.

Grade School Offerings

  • 5th Grade: Boys and Dads – “Our Changing Bodies” an evening program that includes information on physical and emotional changes during puberty – with guidance on hygiene, character development, behavior control, diet, purity and respect.
  • 5th Grade: Girls and Moms – “Bridge to Adulthood” is our correlating evening program, addresses female issues for the beginning of puberty and fertility cycles from a positive, Godly perspective.
  • 7th Grade: “Chastity 101,” — an hour-long program, a supplement to Theology of the Body for Middle School. Provides an overview of the importance of choosing a chaste lifestyle, provides medical information and explanations of consequences of inappropriate sexual behavior.
  • 8th Grade: “Life Issues Full Day Retreat” — Four sessions which aim to prepare students for the aggressive “anti-life” culture that they will face in high schools. The retreat covers: embryology and early human development; age-appropriate information on abortion procedures, risks and consequences; reinforcement on the rewards and consequences of their behavior; and the Church’s understanding of the value, worth and dignity of every human being – regardless of physical or mental limitations.

High School / College / Adult Presentations

  • “When did You Become YOU?” — integrates the use of embryoscopy, milestones of development, 3D ultrasound & MRI imaging, and anatomically-weighted models from 7-30 weeks gestation. Reinforces objective scientific information on genetically unique human development, the dignity and value of life in the womb.
  • “Tough Moral Questions: Sound Responses to the Top Arguments for Abortion” — takes the most prevalent secular arguments for abortion head-on, and equips participants to examine the fallacies. Learn to counter these concerns with charity and truth.
  • “ProLife Boot Camp” — is a high-energy event that is great for a school assembly or youth group. It equips students with the medical truths of the development of the human person, and the harmful physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of abortion. (Graphic images are not used.) Students will leave strengthened to articulate their views, advocate for life, and be able to offer hope and help to a friend or relative facing an unplanned pregnancy.
  • “Reconsidering the Contraceptive Culture”— is an analysis of the medical, physical, psychological, social, and environmental consequences on our culture since the Pill was introduced more than 50 years ago.
  • “Emotional Consequences of Premarital Sex and Rewards for Waiting” — is a presentation that counters the dominant message of our culture and media- promoting all forms of sexual activity as “positive” and “consequence-free.” This communicates the proven painful, heart-breaking and life-altering consequences that come even from experimentation, along with the truth of the beauty and freedom of God’s plan for sexual activity within the life-long sacrament of marriage.
  • “ABC Link – Abortion and Breast Cancer” — This is a risk factor that has been conveniently down-played by the abortion industry. This presentation takes a hard look at the clear, clinical evidence of this link in both U.S. and world-wide studies.
  • “All Life is Beautiful” – is a popular presentation full of film clips of incredible people with handicaps and special needs that reinforce the value, worth and dignity of every human life.
  • “Advance Directives” – clarifies end-of-life decision-making for individuals and their care-givers. Covers what measures must be taken, nutrition and hydration concerns, euthanasia, making your beliefs known, concerns with living wills and Physician Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) documents.