There is much more that committed citizens can do — besides voting — to get good candidates elected and preserve important values like life, marriage and religious freedom.

An important way to make more of an impact in the political process is to serve as a voting delegate to the county, district, and state assemblies. Delegates to these events play a more influential role in selecting candidates and determining party platforms; and they have increased importance and access to those running for office. But in order to help your country in this way, you first have to attend your precinct caucus.

Precinct caucuses are small neighborhood meetings where citizens gather to briefly discuss candidates, elect precinct committee people (the coordinators for the party in that precinct), and elect delegates and alternates to the assemblies. These meetings don’t take much time (roughly 45-90 minutes), and they are a great way to connect with the people in your neighborhood willing to do a little bit more to preserve our freedom and help our country be the best it can be.

This year, Colorado’s presidential primary election will occur on Tuesday, March 3. Ten precinct caucuses for the major political parties are scheduled for Saturday March 7.

More information regarding precinct caucuses can be found at Caucuses, Assemblies and Conventions FAQs on the Colorado Secretary of State website.

Here are websites for the major political parties, which include information on how to find the location of the caucus in your precinct:

Colorado Republican Party — from main page, click on “2020 Caucus & Assembly”

Colorado Democratic Party – from main page, click on “Caucuses”