Pro-life group launches final push for signatures for late-term abortion ban in Colorado

“As we near the March 4 deadline we are doing a final push this week starting off at Ash Wednesday Masses to collect signatures from Coloradans to protect babies from late-term abortion,” says Lauren Castillo, spokesperson for Due Date Too Late.


DENVER, COLORADO (Feb. 25, 2020) — With the March 4 deadline for the petition to turn their signatures in, Due Date Too Late is conducting a final push to collect the remaining signatures they need to make the 2020 November ballot. Initiative 120 would limit abortion after 22 weeks in a pregnancy, at the time babies feel pain and when it is common for 22-week-old babies to survive outside the womb. There is an exception for a late-term abortion to be performed to save the life of the mother.

The petition drive is currently at 92,000 signatures and there is a final push to receive the remaining signatures needed by statute, about 125,000 to get on the November ballot. The goal is to receive more than 125,000 signatures.

“We don’t want Colorado to be seen as a safe haven for late-term abortion. A majority of Americans want to see restrictions on abortion, especially when babies feel pain,” said Lauren Castillo, spokesperson for Due Date Too Late. The group is planning to be present at some 25 churches on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020.

“We are encouraging all parishes to collect signatures for Initiative 120 over the next 9 days with a focus on Ash Wednesday and for all those attending Mass on Ash Wednesday to sign the initiative so we can take the first step to ending late-term abortion in Colorado,” said Deacon Geoff Bennett, Vice President for Parish and Community Relations at Catholic Charities of Denver.

You can find out more about DueDateTooLate at

If you have any questions reach out to the spokesperson for Due Date Too Late, Lauren Castillo at moc.etalootetadeud@aidem.

Among the churches, and locations, participating in the Ash Wednesday petition signature effort for Initiative 120 are:

All Souls


Augustine Institute

Blessed Sacrament

Christ the King

Holy Ghost

Holy Trinity

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Light of the World

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Loreto

Our Lady of Lourdes

Pax Christi

Queen of Peace

Risen Christ

St. Augustine

St. Joan of Arc

St. John Vianney Seminary

St. Louis

St. Mary

St. Thomas More


Read the Initiative here:

Knights of Columbus poll released in January 2020 also found:

·       65% of Americans are more likely to vote for candidates who support candidates who want to limit abortions after twelve weeks.

·       75% of Americans are against taxpayer-funding of international abortions.

A survey of 10,000 college students by College Pulse found that many wanted limits on abortion. For example, according to Students for Life of America's analysis:

·       20% said that fetal abnormalities is a reason to keep abortion legal.

·       23% said in the cases of rape.

·       24% said when health is at risk.

·       17% said in abusive relationships.

·       14% said if the partner of the mother left during the pregnancy.