Corporal Works of Mercy — in a pandemic?

Works Of Mercy...

Visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, etc. How can we do these things with social distancing restrictions? It is possible!

Handing out “to-go” meals is working at our shelters instead of communal meals. We still can “visit” the sick and our beloved elderly and isolated by offering encouraging phone calls and “face timing” with those who are able. You’ll be surprised at how rewarding this is, and how lonely people really are.

Consider creating or offering to be part of a network that is willing to check up on those who are vulnerable at your parish - or run errands for the elderly and those who are immunocompromised. Even if it’s just for basic hygiene products. If you know that your neighbor has been laid off from work, secretly leave a bag of groceries on their porch.

Consider a blood donation. Instead of lamenting our restrictions, let’s all look for creative ways to let our lights shine and be an unexpected blessing to others. Take a moment and pray, “Lord, what would You have me do today?”

Lynn Grandon is Director of Respect Life Denver.

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