How to have a conversation about Prop. 115 and late-term abortion in Colorado


Respect Life Denver realizes that discussing the topic of abortion is difficult, particularly in the context of an election year. Below are some ways to engage family, friends and neighbors about Proposition 115, which will be on the Nov. 3 ballot in Colorado.

  • Are you registered to vote in Colorado? If not, here's how to do that online.

  • Have you heard of Proposition 115, which will be the November ballot in Colorado?

  • Prop. 115 would restrict abortion in Colorado after 22 weeks — with an exception for life of the mother.

  • An estimated 64% of babies born alive at 22 weeks can survive to be discharged from the hospital, according to a University of Iowa study, reported by The Federalist.

  • More than 40 states restrict abortion after a certain number of weeks. Colorado is not one of them. Abortion in Colorado is legal until birth.

  • 80 percent or more of people polled nationally by Gallup oppose third-trimester abortion — and have for decades.

  • In Colorado we want to “Help Mom and Save Baby.”

  • Can we count on your support of Prop. 115?