Mothers share their stories of pregnancy complications

Pressured Teen Mother

"I was a young mom on Medicaid. I was told that my baby had a Down Syndrome diagnosis, so I was given counseling for an abortion. They said, “You can get rid of it.” I was naïve and asked, “How can you get a baby that big out of you?” When she crudely explained what was done, I refused. At my delivery there were 7 doctors in the room, as the baby was considered at risk for cardiac problems, but she was born perfectly healthy. The best part of this story is this baby has [grown up and] graduated from Duke University and is now starting Med School in Rochester, NY."

- Lynda

Surgery at 1 day old!

During a routine ultra- sound scan, Michele knew something wasn’t right. The doctor confirmed that her unborn child had Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation (one of his lungs was full of cysts). She was told that while the baby was inside her, he’d be fine, but when born he may not be able to breathe. Routine visits were hard for her to see other happy mothers, feeling that this would be her only time with this child.

When he was born, he cried, and everyone else cried as well. When he was only 1 day old, he had two-thirds of his lung removed and spent 5 weeks in the NICU. He came off of oxygen at just a few months old. By age 7, his lung had completely grown back. Now he is a typical 13 year old.

Michele says, “Don’t let an adverse diagnosis discourage you!’