‘You are the light of the world’



By Lynn Grandon

“You are the light of the world”

The numbers 9 – 11 still unsettle our hearts and will always be a reminder of a horrific day in our history. It was horrific because of the large number of innocent human lives lost by unexpected acts of violence – that everyone witnessed because of television.

We often try to share the ongoing tragedy of abortion – but it is more difficult because these victims are unseen, yet their end is equally violent. Do not allow anyone to tell you that it is a “simple, painless procedure.” It is not, for the mother, and definitely not for the children. Our efforts this voting season zero in on the seriousness of late-term abortion. These babies can and do feel pain as their nervous systems are already developed, in fact they are so intricately formed that they have had all of their internal organs since only 8 weeks of age. They cannot cry out for help, but we can be the “voice for the voiceless.”

We can do that by BEING what Christ has called us to be: the LIGHT of the world. Just as ships on a dark and troubled sea set their courses by the bright signals of a lighthouse, so the people of Colorado can receive warning and direction from RADIANT believers. A lighthouse has a continual responsibility – regardless of whether or not its message is heeded by the sailors. We still must BE LIGHT! We must share the truths associated with this evil happening right here in “our backyard.”

Think about the spiritual analogies related to LIGHT: It produces growth – dispels darkness – clarifies details – provides warmth – transmits messages – slows diseases! Radiant believers are brighter in witness when they shine for the Lord in an ever-darkening world.

This week we’d like you to take a moment and ask the Lord who else you can reach out to – to share the serious need to vote #YESon115 for the future of our state. It may not just be one person – it may be a group of people – a school parent’s group, an organization you are familiar with, a neighborhood group…ask the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart, and then courageously share this important message with a positive, gracious tone. We have the unique opportunity to change the future of our state for the better – and save the lives of many, many children from a horrific death.

Prop. 115 will end late-term abortion in our state, with an exception for the life of the mother. Go to RespectLifeDenver.org for resources to share, and particularly read, "How to have a conversation about Prop. 115 and late-term abortion in Colorado."

Whenever we lose human lives, we lose their gifts to this world – whether it’s through an act of terrorism or an act of supposed convenience. Who have we lost already? Let’s break the cycle of this “throw away culture.”

Finally, did you hear Sister Deirdre, the retired military colonel and surgeon, speaking to the entire nation? Her perspective was profound – unhesitatingly proclaiming, “I’m not just pro-life, I’m pro ETERNAL LIFE.” Tune into this week’s Respect Life Radio for an exclusive interview with Sr. Deirdre.

We are the the voice of humanity not yet born. Speak boldly on their behalf.

Lynn Grandon is the program director of Respect Life Denver.