Join the #CelebrateLife2021 social media campaign

Throughout January 2021, including the run-up to the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 29, let's Celebrate Life!

It's easy to join the campaign on social media. Create your own signs, messages, videos and memes, and repost others you like, with the hashtag #CelebrateLife2021

COVID-19 restrictions will preclude our gathering for a Celebrate Life rally and march in Denver in January. However, we are launching a social media campaign now and throughout January, including the run-up to the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 29. Let's #CelebrateLife2021.

It's easy to participate and it’s time to get started! Think about visuals, art you can create, skits, songs, and displays at your home or church. Hold banners on public sidewalks at intersections for honk and waves — and post the event with photos and videos.

Share inspiring prolife posts on your own social media. Just be sure to add our hashtag #CelebrateLife2021 to your post.

Here are some examples to inspire you...

SIGNS: 44 of the Best Signs From the 2020 March for Life (from The Daily Signal)

PINTEREST: Searching the term #MarchForLife

VIDEO: The best prolife arguments against abortion from Trinity Seminary

TWEETS: from Laura Klassen

In Colorado, and all across the country, let's show that we will continue to stand up for the value, worth and dignity of all human life. We will continue to be a positive, prayerful presence because we know that we stand on the side of truth: scientific truth and eternal truths! We will not waver and we will be a witness for the culture of life. Use your creativity. And consider sharing your personal story in some way. For example, here's a link to a heart-stopping sign from a prolife march, posted on Facebook and Instagram: “My unplanned pregnancy is now a freshman at Stanford.” Wow!

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