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We can end the barbaric practice of late-term abortion

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The people of Colorado have a unique opportunity to end abortions of babies from 22 weeks through birth. In support of a late-term abortion ban on the Colorado ballot in November 2020, we need your help...

  • Make sure you are registered to vote in Colorado. You can check your registration at this link and, if need be, register here.
  • Get educated on the ballot initiative and supporting information at the blue links below.
  • If you haven't already, sign up by region of Colorado at this link to become an advocate in your community.

Colorado was the first state, in 1967, to lift restrictions on abortion. It remains a destination for late-term abortions. Let's join together to rebuild a culture that cherishes every human life. With questions, and for media inquiries, contact Lynn Grandon or Deacon Geoff Bennett at gro.revnedcc@efil or call 720-799-9212.