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By getting Initiative 120 on the ballot in 2020, we can end the barbaric practice of late-term abortion in Colorado.

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The people of Colorado have a unique opportunity to end abortions of babies from 22 weeks through birth. To get Initiative 120 on the Colorado ballot in November 2020, we need your help:

  • Make sure you are registered to vote in Colorado. You can check your registration at this link and, if need be, register here.
  • Sign a petition to put Initiative 120 on the ballot. Here's a list of parishes in northern Colorado collecting signatures.
  • If possible, lead a petition signature drive at your parish, at another house of worship or other location. Here's how.

If each of us commits to getting a few hundred signatures, we can reach the goal of 124,632 valid signatures. Learn more at

Colorado was the first state, in 1967, to lift restrictions on abortion. It remains a destination for late-term abortions. Let's join together to rebuild a culture that cherishes every human life. With questions, and for media inquiries, contact Lynn Grandon or Deacon Geoff Bennett at gro.revnedcc@efil or call 720-799-9212.