Parish Resources

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Every year, the Respect Life Denver supplies parishes, which have incorporated a Celebrate Life program, with USCCB Parish Kits. New materials are produced each year to help Catholics understand, value and become engaged with supporting the dignity of every person. Each kit contains a catalog, resource guide, brochures and flyers that promote the annual theme. Many items are also in Spanish.

The program begins anew each October, which Respect Life month.


We also encourage parishes to promote Respect Life activities throughout the year. For example, by following the monthly thematic guidelines provided.


Each year, the Respect Life office promotes the Celebrate Life march and rally in Downtown Denver, which will be held Jan. 11, 2020.

Many parishes participate and bring positive messages and images on vinyl banners. Pre-designed banner ideas are available at Heritage House. These banners are worth displaying on your walls of the parish or school, to remind those who see them that the Catholic Church values life at every age and every stage.